What are they?

Is the thickening of dry/hard skin in a particular area. This is the body’s response to an excessive amount of force being placed upon the skin. This force can be due to either direct pressure or friction. It is often a combination of both from ill-fitting footwear or poor foot function. Callus is a flat thickening of the outer layer of skin, however when the pressure is too great then a corn is created. A corn is an inverted cone of hard skin with the point facing into the skin. People often describe it as if someone is driving a nail into their skin.

How is it treated?

Both Callus and Corns are debrided by the podiatrist with a scalpel. This is a painless procedure and yes you can walk out of the clinic after the appointment. People often describe it as floating on air when leaving the clinic. After the problem has been resolved the podiatrist will work with the patient on establishing the cause to prevent the re-occurrence of this problem.