What are they?wart2

Warts are very common complaint and most people will end up with one throughout their lifetime. They are caused by a virus – part of the HPV family. As a result they are highly contagious and are often transferred from person to person on surfaces where many people walk barefoot, such as swimming pools and communal showers. Warts are characterised by having their own blood and nerve supply. When trying to diagnose a wart they often have a cauliflower appearance and will have overlying callus when on the bottom of the foot. To diagnose a wart it is useful to apply direct pressure down and then try squeezing the lesion. A wart will be painful on compression whereas a corn will be painful on direct pressure, although it is worth having a healthcare professional diagnose this for you.


It is important to note that over 50% of warts will resolve on their own with no treatment within 12 months. Therefore if it is not causing problems and not spreading,  it may be worth not treating. However if causing problems or not resolved within 12 months it may have to be treated. There is a large array of wart treatments available with varying levels of success. As a Podiatrist is well versed in different treatment methods they will be able to develop a treatment plan which should help with the removal of your wart.