Moon boots fitting

Moon Boots are designed to immobilise the foot and ankle following lower limb fractures, ligament strains and other injuries.  The major advantages over standard casts are:

  1. They can be taken off for showering
  2. They are designed to be walked in without the aid of crutches (however depending on the injury, a patient may be permitted to partially weight bare in the initial stages)
  3. Rocker bottom is specially engineered to be low and wide to help promote a reduced pressure gait

The boots Velcro closures ensure they better accommodate changes in swelling following an injury as opposed to standard casts which are rigid.  Many people find lower limb casts become very lose in the final stages of use (due to disuse atrophy of muscles), however moon boots can be progressively tightened to keep a snug fit and therefore adequate immobilisation to allow for optimum healing.

We also offer moon boots with a pump to allow for inflation to further assist in a secure fit and increased comfort.

Call the clinic on 9432 2689 for more information on custom fitting or book online here